No Padding, No Collections For Naga Chaitanya?Naga Chaitanya has been delivering hits and 35-40 crore grossers consistently for the past few years. But that streak has come to a halt with Thank You.

His latest release has seen dismal collections on its first day. Even the morning shows were empty in many theaters, and some shows had to be canceled due to no audience in the Telugu states.

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The trade analysts are coming up with many reasons for the disastrous opening of the movie. Some were saying that the film didn’t look anything novel from the trailers, so the audience wasn’t interested to see it on the FDFS. Some were blaming the heavy rains, because of which the audience stayed away from the theaters.

But the most popular opinion on social media was that in all the previous films of Chaitanya, there were other factors also which brought in the audience.

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In Majili, the Samantha factor worked in a big way. Similarly, Sai Pallavi was a huge pull in Love Story. Venky Mama and Bangarraju were riding on the shoulders of senior stars like Venky and Nagarjuna. That kind of padding was missing in Thank You.

People on social media are also saying that the audience just doesn’t want to see a Naga Chaitanya film that has just Chaitanya and no other wow factor or any kind of padding. Post-pandemic, the audience has become ruthless, and just Chay in a routine story isn’t enough to attract them to the theaters.

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