No One Did It like We Did It - Puri Jagannadh's Son Akash PuriAkash Puri is coming with a reincarnation theme in his second outing ‘Mehbooba’. Tollywood has seen many reincarnation themes like ‘Mooga Manasula’ in the olden times and ‘Magadheera’ in the recent times. Will it be one more reincarnation backdrop love story?

“There are many films made with the reincarnation theme, worldwide. But, no other movie has touched the point w have touched in ‘Mehbooba’,” said Akash Puri who added that he is proud of his father for penning a love story that he claims to be his best and he may not write an equally good story in the future.

Though it is basically a love story, there are many other shades in the movie. But, the movie’s story is so good that it doesn’t need comedy tracks opined Akash Puri. True. We didn’t find any separate comedy track in the promo material released so far. Let’s hope that this reincarnation theme turns out to be really different from all those reincarnation movies we had watched so far.