No One Can Convince Me – Vijayashanthi

Vijayashanthi-Crucial-for-Mahesh-Babu's-Mass-OutingRight from the time Anil Ravipudi has got yesteryear Lady Amitabh on board to play an important role in Mahesh Babu’s movie ‘Sarileru Neekevvaru’, a lot is happening and Vijayashanthi has been making to the headlines on the movie sections in the tabloids.

Speaking to the print media, Vijayashanthi said that she has got a bit free time as the elections concluded recently. Though there were reports that said Anil Ravipudi convinced her to act again, Vijayashanthi said that no one can convince her.

It’s that she was hearing a lot of scripts since long and when she decided to give movies a shot again, Vijayashanthi thought that the role offered by Anil Ravipudi was better than anyone else’s.

No, she isn’t playing a negative role in the movie. She would never say yes for any negative role. One thing she made very clear is that, she would not settle down for playing mother or sister-in-law roles.

She wants something good and big as she knows that she can command better things for herself. Anyway, movie lovers would be thrilled to see her back on the big screen and watch her doing what she used to best at.

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