No Offers & Age Issue - Sleepless Nights -To This Actress!This actress has just one hit in her little career so far. Her last film has released directly on OTT.

She has no film in her kitty and is struggling to bag one somehow. She is busy dumping hot photos on social media hoping something would click.

She is in a hurry for another reason. The actress is actually in to her 30s but claims to be 26.

Luckily for her, her face did not show her age initially. She takes extreme care of hiding her age. Even for booking her flight tickets, she would not share her ID proofs with production Houses.

She would ask them to book her tickets from one travel agency which she deals with.

The Proofs are sent only to that agency. So that the age secret is not revealed. But all of sudden, she started putting on weight and her face started showing it.

So, she is extremely worried. But then, industry is not kind to heroines who have delivered three flops back to back.