No narrative music in south cinema feels Mahesh Shankar

Music composer Mahesh Shankar feels that south cinema unlike Bollywood is not experimenting with music. Music in south is still few songs and item numbers rues Mahesh, who has created a first-of-its-kind mash up album for Bangaru Kodi Petta. He says the music in the film never breaks out of the narrative and helps the film narratively march forward.

He agrees that south cinema is still naïve when it comes to experimentation of music. We still cater to only to masses and compose songs we think they will like. Narrative music is still absent in south cinema and he hopes it will resume soon.

Mahesh also feels that musically we lag behind and also adds that music in south cinema is lot more fun and can never be taken seriously. He calls this type of music as escapism and wishes that it changes as early as possible.