No more midnight Tweets from Varma?Ace filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has decided to stop doing something that he has been doing this year. Apparently, Ramu has decided to stop drinking as he feels it slows down his ability to work. Therefore, he has decided to call off his habit and concentrate on work.This is a very conscious step my Ramu, who needs a hit to sustain his career.

Ramu will soon start working on a Telugu action project against Rayalaseema backdrop with Mohan Babu. He has also clarified that this film is not a remake of his own Sarkar, which was a blockbuster.

We have wait to find out how long can Ramu stick to his resolution because one of the days he might end drinking again. It also makes wonder if Ramu made this decision on his own or did someone inspire or motivate him.

Tweeples who follow RGV on his Twitter handle always await his midnight masala Tweets which sound like cracker jokes. Pawan will be an idiot if he doesn’t start his party, What if KCR was born in Washington DC. are the recent mid night tweets from RGV. We will be missing those. Wink, wink!