DHEEWARA A CAPPELLA COVER - ANJU JOSEPHapproximately after an year of its release, ‘Baahubali’ doesn’t cease to invite admiration from the audiences in one way or the other. Here is one latest video, that pays a big musical tribute to ‘Baahuali’ by rendering a new dimension to ‘Dheevara’ song.

Singer Anju Joseph and her team had come out with a capella version of the song, without using any musical instrument. The team has chosen a location which is similar to the water falls sequence in the film, where there is tranquility and the ambiance as similar as it is in the film.

The video song is a feast both for our ears and eyes. Anju Joseph and team’ white dresses and their overall attires takes us to another world and make us to forget that there aren’t any musical instruments used. Simply and truly religious type. What a tribute to the epic drama of Rajamouli!