No Good News for Prasanna and Sneha

Actress Sneha and actor Prasanna had married each other in 2012 after which both the couple had got back to their careers. Recently, the two of them are involved in several rumours regarding the pregnancy of Sneha. It has been going around town that Sneha is carrying and will therefore not be acting in films for at least two years after completing all her current projects. However, the couple came out and refuted all these rumours and said that if there was a good news, they would share it themselves.

Prasanna posted a message on his twitter page saying, “Dear frinds,fans & media! Any good news in our life we ourselves will let you know. For all the love you have given us we’ll be more than happy to share it with you all”. Both the couple are busy with their career for now and there is no truth in these rumors!