Samanta, no doubt is top in Tollywood. Coming to her position in Tamil, till date she is only a struggling heroine with a flop career inspite of big movies. Hansika, isn’t the top most heroine in both Tollywood and Kollywood. But she is a successful heroine in both the industries. She is a safe bet for the film makers in both industries without any tag like a golden leg or an iron leg.

This is not the case with Samanta. She had been a golden leg in Tollywood but slowly turning an iron leg in the eyes of her rivals. In Kollywood, she has always been an iron leg. Coming to the point, this calendar year, Samanta was said to have the maximum number of releases. Five of her films have already hit screens this year and only one Tamil movie ‘Kaththi’ is yet to be released.

For Hansika, one film ‘Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda’ in Telugu and one in Tamil hit screens already and Ravi Teja’s ‘Power’ is ready for release. Besides these, she has four films lined up which are in post production stage. That means, she will have a maximum of 7 releases this calendar year while Sammy has only 6. Hopefully if ‘Power’ turns out to be superhit film, then Hansika would definitely be in the race to overtake Samanta in the number game even. What say?