No-Future-In-Selling-Yourself---Allu-Arjun-VillainLike many celebrities who are talking about the casting couch in the film industry, Allu Arjun’s ‘Race Gurram’ villain who is a superstar in Bhojpuri Cinema also expressed his views about casting couch, how it exists in the industry and how the newcomers must cope with that.

Ravi Kishan agreed that casting couch indeed exists not only in the case of girls but also boys. However, one must understand that they are not going to go ahead if they sleep around with someone. This is great advice as he added that one must learn to say no to such things though it might not be good for one’s career. This reminds us of Sri Reddy’s episodes.

“No future in selling yourself,” said the Bhojpuri superstar who is one among those cine celebrities who agreed how sexual predators are everywhere and also in the industry. As he rightly told, when someone agrees to sell oneself, the guilt will break the person from inside.