Theatres Cinemas Re-OpeningThe Union Government had released further guidelines for the Unlock6 which will come into effect from November 1st. There is no further relief for the cinema theaters as a part of the new guidelines. Even as things are almost normal, restrictions continue for the Cinemas.

The Government confirmed that the current guidelines allowing various activities like opening of cinemas, theatres, and multiplexes with up to 50 percent of their seating capacity will continue to be applicable till November 30 in areas outside containment zones

Exhibition Sector was hoping that the occupancy would be increased to 75% which will beneficial for them in the Diwali season. It has to be seen how the trade will react. On the other side, the theaters of both the Telugu states continue to remain closed even after they are allowed.

A few single-screen theaters have opened here and there but they are very low in number just a handful across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.