No Food for the Heroine Until the Hero Eats on Sets - Neha DhupiaGender discrimination in the film industry is no new issue. But the imbalance has been overcome over the years by the bold and successful actresses who are drawing audience no less than any star hero but there still a long way for the equation to come. Anyway, we got this topic now because of the shocking revelation of the Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia about how actresses were treated in the south.

Neha Dhupia featured in a couple of Telugu films earlier and now she happened to share an embarrassing and intriguing incident that she experienced while shooting for one of the south films where she said, she was once very hungry and was not allowed to eat as the heroines could only eat after the hero eats first.

The producers apparently said that the hero was on a shot and that the must eat first until then no food is served. This shows how the heroines were treated low compared to the heroes in the south film industry is what Neha Dhupia says. Neha worked in Villain and also alongside Balayya in Parama Veera Chakra. The bold actress then only left laughing but nothing.