No-Early-Premiers-for-Rajinikanth's-DarbarNormally, the distributors of Rajinikanth films opt for noon premiere shows in the US. However, they seem to have changed the strategy, this time, and there would be no early premiere shows for his upcoming movie ‘Darbar’.

Going by the early updates, Darbar US show timings align with India shows’ timings. Now, the US premieres in the US are going to be late, after 9 p.m. and that’s around 8 a.m. in India. So, the early talk might have a good impact or a bad one on the movie’s box-office performance.

This new strategy will only help the movie if it can garner good talk from India from the first shows. Otherwise, the late premieres in the US will lead to a situation where the advantage is gone. We can’t expect a big number from the US. Let’s see if early shows will be updated on the premier today (Wednesday).

The low ticket price is an advantage here for the audiences in the US. All in all, the distributors of the movie took a different step and we have to wait and watch how this strategy works out for ‘Darbar’, a Pongal release.