No Distributor for Rahman’s Documentary

A. R. Rahman is a legend in the music community and in a tribute to him, Umesh Aggarwal, who is a national award winning filmmaker, has made a documentary about the musical legend. The documentary has been titled Jai Ho and it marks the path of Rahman’s both personal as well as professional journey. Talking about his documentary, Umesh said that when at school, Rahman was the most popular kid at cultural events. The documentary also features icons like Danny Boyle, Mani Ratnam and Subhash speaking about their friend Rahman.

It is now headed to the film Bazaar at NFDC where Umesh is hoping to get a global distributor at the event, but unfortunately Jai Ho hasn’t found any takers yet. Rahman is well known even in the West considering his Oscar award, and we are hoping that the documentary soon gets a distributor!