No Director to Take up Venky’s Risky Project?

Asuran Telugu- Remake DirectorAfter delivering the mesmerizing hit with F2, Venkatesh is ready to hit the screens again with a possible blockbuster for the Sankranthi again with Venky Mama. Apart from that, his sign up of a terrific remake is making quite a buzz for what a courageous attempt to redo such a film. Venky took up the challenge to recreate Dhanush’s stunning performance in a dual role but looks like not a director is daring up to take the captainship.

After all, it is not easy to just remake what the sensational director Vetri Maaran did with Asuran. According to the reports, the Telugu Asuran makers had the original, the Tamil version screened at Ramanaidu preview theater for 20 directors to ask who would come forward to take up the charge. And the output of this attempt if anyone took it and if they have finalized any director is yet to be revealed.

Now, that is quite a struggle that the makers are going through to have the film on board. This is supposed to be the next immediate project to start for Venky but to go with the pace, the hero seems to have to swap it for another project to save some time. Let’s see what is he up to.

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