Hearing the verdict of the Supreme Court on Sanjay Dutt’s case, several actors and actresses have come out and spoken in his protest. Latest in that regard is that 30 year old actress Priyanka Chopra spoke out in regret over Sanjay’s sentence. She said that the actor is a very important part of the industry, and having worked with him, she feels especially bad. She also hoped that the judiciary gives him some respite considering his family.

On the other hand, producer Amit Mehra of film Zanjeer has established that there is no danger of Zanjeer getting delayed due to the absence of Sanjay Dutt. He explained that the shooting with Sanjay for Zanjeer is already complete and his presence is not really necessary for post-production and other formalities.
Even though the director feels shattered with the verdict, he has confidence that Sanjay will fight back.