No Chavithi Hadavidi On Social Media!We see a huge exodus of updates from various films – big to small on the festival days every time. Along with the occasion, the filmmakers believe the festival release will give them more attention. But then, this Vinayaka Chavithi has been mostly silent.

The COVID impact and no clarity about what is going to happen in Andhra Pradesh have ensured that there is no hungama on social media. Unless there is a clarity on the ticket rates issue in AP, the prominent films would not be released. Unless there is a clarity on the release dates, there is no point in promotions.

So, there is no Vinayaka Chavithi hadavidi on social media this time. The only big update we had today is the First Look Poster release of Rajinikanth’s Annaatthe. We will also have the motion poster of the movie later this evening. The movie is already announced for a Diwali release.

In Tollywood, we will have the title and the motion poster of #Nithin31 which was launched earlier today.