No ‘Basha’ sequel on the cardsOne of the biggest hits in the career of superstar Rajinikanth is Basha, which catapulted his image as an actor of the masses. Recent rumours stated that a sequel to the film with superstar is gearing up for release. But all such rumours have been put to rest because Suresh Krissna, who had directed the original, said that there are no plans to make a sequel.

He said he although discussed the idea of a sequel with Rajini many years ago but the plan never materialized. He also added that currently he has no plans of making a sequel because he is too busy with his serial that he is directing in Tamil. Does he feel the sequel can be made with some other actor? He said it’s impossible because the audience only see Rajinikanth as Basha, but nobody else.

Basha, which was loosely based on Hindi film Hum, was one of the biggest hits in Tamil as well as Telugu.