No Alimony, Only My Kids Got Their Rightful Due – Renu Desai

No Alimony, Only My Kids Got Their Rightful Due - Renu DesaiIt has been more than five years since Renu Desai has been maintaining a dignified silence on her divorce. Looks like, she is slowly opening up and giving us hints to satisfy our curiosity on what could have happened between Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai that led to the divorce and what happened later.

In a recent interview to BBC Telugu, the actress turned director said that she didn’t demand alimony during the divorce proceedings and hence, only her kids got their rightful share from their father. That’s the reason she had to undergo financial struggles along with mental pressures and health issues that followed.

She reminisced about the tough phase that she went through and how her kids witnessed her pain when she was hospitalized several times. So, her second marriage is happening with the acceptance of not only kids but also the new guy’s acceptance of the kids.

Renu Desai observed that it’s the support of the parents that is needed the most for any woman who wants to walk out of the wedlock. She felt bad because of her parents who showed discrimination as she is a female. The process of forgiving her husband and parents was the most challenging thing for her as she wanted to move on with her life.

By the way, about the cryptic message when she threatened Pawan Kalyan fans that they need to be grateful for maintaining silence on the divorce issue and PK, Renu Desai’s answer was again cryptic. She said, “Intelligent people can understand who was at fault and those who aren’t intelligent can’t understand it.”

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