Niveda Thomas on Chopping off Her HairRecently one of the happening actresses in Tollywood, Niveda Thomas is seen sporting very short hair. Obviously, the actress has chopped off her long hair. What’s the reason to chop off her hair?

Niveda didn’t like to reveal the reason why she cut her hair short. But, the actress is pretty sure that her hair will grow fast. She is not bothered as she has no commitments right now, said the actress. she just wanted to chop it off and did it. Comparisons with her earlier look are natural.

Anyway, the actress knows that more than her beauty, it’s her performance that had fetched her roles in the Telugu Film Industry. Actresses have this facility to use extensions if needed for a role. Meanwhile, her hair will grow back to the normal size explains the young heroine who has made a mark in Tollywood with performance-oriented roles. She is coming as ‘Juliet, Lover of Idiot’.