Nithya menon photo morphedUsing body doubles for action sequences and risky shots is a common thing in movies. But using a body double to give seductive feeling to attract audiences isn’t very common. Look at the poster of ‘Thoongavanam’ carefully. Besides Kamal Haasan and Prakash Raj, there are two pretty ladies. One is Trisha Krishnan and the other one is Asha Sharath.

A careful look at Asha Sharath reveals that this isn’t her photograph from the movie as she didn’t sport a Tee Shirt in it. Some netizens didn’t stop at that. They carefully pulled out a photo of Nithya Menen which has resemblances with Asha Sharath’s photo. Except the face, the remaining part of the body is Nithya Menen.

So Nithya Menen’s photo is morphed and Asha Sharath’s face is fitted in to attract the audiences. That looks a bit cheap as this isn’t actually needed for a movie like ‘Thoongavanam’ starring versatile actors like Kamal Haasan and Prakash Raj.