Akhil-movie-first-day-talkMore than anyone else it was Nithin’s hyper excitement from the announcement of the debut film of Akhil that got everyone’s attention. The actor from time to time updated regarding the film keeping the fans in loop and making them extremely happy.

It all went well till the release of the audio where the producer of the film once again had high words to say and made everyone else believe in the words he said. All this finally ended up in huge disappointment when Nithin made the official postponement announcement. He became the primary target of the fans ridicule followed by the hero.

Finally today with the official announcement of the release date one can say it is a sort of redemption for Nithin. Akhil will now release on November 11 for Diwali festival confirmed the actor which has provided solace for the fans who have been on an unstoppable tirade against the team for the delay. Let’s hope the entire experience ends on a positive note, now that a date has been fixed.