Nithin’s new thrilling love story

Nithin after tasting his luck with an action oriented love story Heart Attack is back to his regular love story format with lots of comedy with family elements and little action. And who better to provide that mix than director A Karunakaran. The director is known to make love stories that contain superb youthful elements that can be watched with whole family.

This time the director is reportedly adding some thrilling elements to the mix as well. What are these thrilling elements is a surprise for now but the lead pair of the film is super thrilled with the final product though. The director has worked for a long time on the script of the film and has now officially launched the film which will be produced by Nithin’s own banner Srestha Movies. Misthi, a newcomer from Bollywood is making her debut as heroine in Telugu cinema with the film.

Karunakaran’s last film starring Ram was a big flop at the box office and it too boasted of some unusual content along with regular Karunakaran’s trademark elements. One hopes the director has learned his lesson from that film for Nithin’s sake.