Nithiin---Keerthy-Suresh---RangdeRang De starring Nithiin and Keerthy Suresh is one of the delayed late summer releases that has kept its content hidden. It makes the arrival to cinemas for Sankranthi look fresh as nothing much is known about it than the ‘marriage gift’ tease we got many months ago.

Now, as we all know, Rang De is looking at a Sankranthi 2021 release. It will, therefore, come amidst heavy competition. There are too many films to deal with and grab the attention of the audience. Luckily, for them, the promotion campaign has not begun.

The unit is putting its act together now. In less than two and a half months, Rang De would be hitting the screens. There are going ahead with the musical campaign. If it clicks, it will boost the movie’s prospects big time among the audience as it would be ‘fresh’ in their minds.

The first single ‘Emito Idhi’ from the Devi Sri Prasad composed album will be out soon. A prelude to that will be available on November 5th. The interesting fact here is that it is the first time DSP is composing for Nithiin.

Venky Atluri of Tholiprema and Mr Majnu fame directs Rang De. PC Sreeram is the cinematographer. He had previously worked on Nithiin’s comeback Ishq. Rang De is planning to hit the screens all over for Sankranthi 2021.