Nithin Throws No TantrumsNithin is not only of the successful young heroes in the industry but also has the backing of his home production house Sreshth Movies. So, he is a producer, even. Does he throw tantrums bein the producer of some of his movies? How will be his attitude on the set of his movies?

Speaking about Nithin, his ‘Chal Mohana Ranga‘ heroine Megha Akash had only good things to share. Though he is one of the producers of the movie, he never throws tantrums on the sets. She had already worked with him for ‘LIE” and ‘Chal Mohana Ranga’ happens to be her second outing with the young hero.

According to the actress, she is soft-spoken and doesn’t mingle much. When she got this offer, she has okayed it immediately as she felt comfortable with the young hero when they did ‘LIE’. Megha is really on cloud nine as the song that was written in her name ‘Ga Gha Megha’ has gone viral.