Nithiin - Rang DeNithiin’s upcoming movie ‘Rang De’ is all set ot come to the theatres on 26th March 2021. Exactly, a month before, Nithiin’s ‘Check’ was released on 26th February 2021. Is this coincidence or a blessing in disguise for ‘Rang De’ and Nithiin?

Check‘ movie failed to make any noise before and after its release. So, ‘Rang De’ will have the benefit of being an underdog and ‘Check’ failure will be like a blessing in disguise. Nithin is back with his family entertainer genre this time, again.

‘Rang De’ is completely different from ‘Check’ and thus, there would be no comparisons whatsoever despite the box-office failure of ‘Check’. The makers of ‘Rang De’ ensured good promotions and the lead pair are doing the needy with their Twitter rants.

It’s a rare thing that Nithiin’s next movie is coming right after a month and exactly on the same date with four-week gap. A romantic comedy is like a minimum guarantee film when audiences are coming to the theatres to watch films. Let’s wait and see how ‘Rang De’ helps him deliver a hit movie after marriage.