Nishabdham - Movie- Teaser -TalkIt is Anushka’s birthday tomorrow. On the occasion of Sweety’s, as fans fondly call her, the makers of the actress’s next, have come up with a teaser. Here’s what it contains and what we think of it.

Anushka is coming with a new film after a long gap of nearly two years. The expectations are high when the actress selects a new movie and watching the teaser of Nishabdham; the initial impression is that it is worth the wait.

From the characterisation of Anushka to the presence of famous, recognisable faces like Madhavan, Anjali, Shalini Pandey, and Hollywood actor Michael Madsen, there is an air of grandness to the project along with the mystery.

Nothing can be made out from the teaser, and yet everything seems exciting. It is usually the hallmark of a project that gets the audience to the theatres. If the content is delivered, there is a winner on the hands. From the teaser, Nishabdham looks like to be inspired by Spanish thriller Julia’s Eye. If that is the case, there is enough ‘content’ to thrill the audience.

The director Hemant Madhukar hasn’t made anything remarkable so far. Nishabdham could be a turning point in his career. The production values look superb for a film entirely shot in the US and a semi-horror thriller.

Check out the trailer below. Kona Venkat and TG Vishwa Prasad produces the movie. Nishabdham will release simultaneously in Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi, along with Telugu. A date is yet to be locked though.