nishabdham - kona venkat silent on ott releaseAmidst a lot of speculations that Anushka Shetty’s ‘Nishabdham’ would wait for a theatrical release sometime probably in the next year or if it chooses to go for a direct OTT release, here we get an indirect response to the buzz.

Kona Venkat‘s latest tweet unofficially confirmed the news of going for a direct release on an OTT and after that, there was no noise about when and where this movie will be streaming.

After an online poll on Twitter and the result showing that the majority of the audiences are asking for a direct OTT release, there was no noise on the streaming of the movie on any digital platform.

This silence about the movie’s release is creating a bit of confusion whether Kona Venkat is relooking into his decision to go for a direct release on an OTT platform.