Delhi Gang rape movie

The brutal gang-rape in Delhi has led Telugu director Ramana Gaddam to narrate the dreadful story in the form of a film, in an effort to send a strong message to both the government and the public. In a forthcoming Telugu drama called “Nisha,” the director has attempted to capture the horrific incident, but if he is to be believed, the film is not based solely on the Delhi incident but it also has other commercial elements to make it an interesting watch.

“Even though a small portion of the film will revolve around the incident, it is not entirely about it. We have added all elements to make it a typical commercial entertainer,” said Gaddam. He added that “I’m not trying to cash in on the sensitivity of this issue but bring to light a barbaric act that shook our nation. I want to send a strong message through my film that such acts can’t be taken lightly and the perpetrators should be punished severely.”