'Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene' Unique Promotions in Washrooms 10 Days Before Release10 days before the release of the movie, unique promotional posters of Sandeep Kishan’s upcoming ghost thriller ‘Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene‘ were found in the bathrooms of GVK One shopping mall in Hyderabad.

The posters were indeed done in a different way to promote the concept of a ghost that is waiting to get a body on rent for a day. “Will you give your body on rent for a day?” and another poster says, “Am afraid of horror films, close the zip, fast.”

The teaser and the trailer of the movie has got huge thumbs up for the way the ghost story is shown with a new age angle. Everything seemed to be interesting and promising when it came to the promos of the ghost thriller.

Sandeep Kishan is struggling to get a hit film to his credit as his career has been low with failures for four years. Hope, ‘Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene’ gives him the much-needed success he has been waiting since long.