Ninnu Kori Teaser Talk - Nani Brings in Stylish Guy for CompetitionWith ‘Adiga Adiga’ video song, natural actor Nani has set the right momentum for the love story ‘Ninnu Kori’ and made his fans wait for the teaser expecting a breezy love story with his stylish touch.

When we are expecting a stylish touch from Nani, here comes stylish Aadhi Pinishetty, the meddler in Nani’s love life. The 40-second teaser shows Nani narrating the twist in his love story when his lover Niveda Thomas loves him but chooses to marry Aadhi who has all the good habits.

The narrative is perfectly set and the tension is visible in this short teaser. The background music is really soothing and apt to the melancholy of Nani’s voiceover. Just that one sentence from Nani tells us what the film is all about.

The line, “Ee ammaailu asalu artham kaaru boss, anni alavatlu unnodini premistaaru, emii alavaatlu lenollani pelli chesukuntaaru,” is going to become the catch phrase for the youngsters in the coming days. Watch this teaser and share your opinions on the same.