Nani-Ninnu-Kori-Heads-For-Super-Hit!Ninnu Kori had garnered the biggest opening in the career of Natural Star Nani. The opening weekend collection in the Telugu states is around 11.5 Cr, which is superb.

But the real good news is the hold on Monday. Ninnu Kori was excellent across the board today. The A centers are leading the way with Nizam being the best of the lot by a margin. However, there is a festive advantage in this area, so, a real picture would emerge tomorrow.

In the US,Ninnu Kori has got the biggest opening weekend number surpassing Nenu Local. It has collected $800k approximately. By the beginning of the second week, Ninnu Kori would be going past the Million mark. The Nani starrer will be a profitable venture to everyone associated with the movie across the territories if the same pace continues. A super hit is on the way.