Nikhil Siddhartha Taking Revenge When He Forgot It Already!The young hero, Nikhil’s quote from the sensational film ‘Godfather’ which goes like this ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’ is the core element of his upcoming revenge drama ‘Keshava‘ in which Nikhil will be seen in a new avatar, sporting a beard.

That means, the hero of the film takes revenge when the person (villain) involved in the crime had totally forgotten about the crime and escaped easily. This is the first action film starring Nikhil and the young hero is very confident as he thinks this film is based on an out of the box idea.

While selecting his scripts, Nikhil takes care that the climax of a movie shouldn’t be easily predictable. His first preference is to the story and hence he won’t select any script based on the heroism, budget or the remuneration. In the course of time, the actor has developed this niche for selecting good stories.