Samyutha Hegde - Nikhil SiddharthJust by interacting with some will make us understand that they could be extremely robust and instinctive while expressing their feeling and reactions. Nikhil revealed how he had got irritated with his co-star Samyuktha Hegde in the sets and asked her to shut up.

Comparing the two actresses of ‘Kirrak Party’, Nikhil opined that it’s easy to work with Simran as she is calm going and never irritated anyone. When it came to Samyuktha, she was very energetic and bubbly girl who pokes her nose. Once, Nikhil lost his cool when she was just giving directions on the microphone like his director.

Nikhil asked everyone to shut up except for the director and the cameraman. After revealing this in an interview, Nikhil tried to cover it up saying that Samyuktha is like her character in her real life and therefore she was a perfect fit in the role.

Coming to ‘Kirrak Party’, Nikhil says that the first half will be like Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Kushi’ and the second half like Nagarjuna’s ‘Shiva’ and he also claims that they had taken only the soul of the story from the original Kannada movie and the rest is written again.