Nikhil Siddharth's Over Enthusiasm on Stage, Heroine Ritu Varma GracefulSometimes, over enthusiasm causes a lot of discomfort to others but when the individual in question doesn’t understand this discomfort, the other person will be on the receiving end. Just like it happened for the heroine of ‘Keshava’.

At the pre-release event of ‘Keshava’, when Ritu Varma started her speech thanking her producers and the director for the opportunity, Nikhil’s over indulgence looked a bit overboard. He kept on interrupting her speech and wanted her to speak about him.

However, the actress took his over enthusiasm in a graceful manner and completed her speech praising him. Another actress, Isha Koppikar of Nagarjuna’s ‘Chandralekha’ fame was also interrupted by Nikhil who spoke on her behalf. Why this over enthusiasm Nikhil!