Nikhil---Swara-Shooting-StalledTelugu film industry is evolving into a new platform for the content driven films with performers delivering excelling skill over the big screens. Newcomers like Naveen Polishetty are taking the lead with impressive work while the senior actors like Nikhil are stuck somewhere with no clue of what to come next.

Hero Nikhil’s decent deliveries can be counted on fingertips whilst the capability to emerge as one of the sought out heroes. His last delivery stumbled at the box office and since then, the actor couldn’t push one project out to the release date. He has been speaking of Arjun Suravaram’s release, which has no update for a long time now and people even forgot about it with literally no buzz.

He also launched another project of him titled Swasa with Nivetha Thomas and even that was shelved if the rumors are to believed. This is high time that he showed a bit of himself on screen before people forget him in the magic of the new talent. Remember, Nikhil was the one who tried his best to come up with different scripts irrespective of the box office results. But the poor planning hurting him?