Arjun-SuravaramSaaho’s release is going further every time and waiting upon its release to have his film on screen is indeed a bad choice is what people think. Well, now who made that choice? Nikhil Siddhartha it is. He hasn’t had a release for more than a year and Kirrak Party, a not so great film was his last that the fans had.

One of the fans wrote to him asking the whereabouts of his next Arjun Suravaram which they are eagerly waiting for and to the surprise of the lucky fan, Nikhil replied to his Tweet but with the sad news that the film is not releasing any soon. He said the film will be released after the Saaho is done with its job.

Assuring that the waiting will be worth, Nikhil confirmed the release to be after “peddanna” Prabhas’ Saaho. Now Saaho is for release by the end of August but that may or may not happen.

We do not know the reasons, but linking up his film with Saaho is a good choice, after all the delay? What do you think?