Nikhil NTR Rajamouli VV VinayakToday, we have film maker Rajamouli to show the world that he is the most successful film maker from Tollywood who has 100% success rate to his career till date. We have one more direcor VV.Vinayak, who can be trusted as the launch pad for star kids. And who is the one who gave break to both of them? The debate is still on and Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao’s name surfaces for sure in the debate.

Whether it is Rajamouli who gave break to NTR or it is the other way round, it is NTR’s movie that gave break to SS.Rajamouli for sure. Even in the case of VV.Vinayak, he became a star director overnight because of NTR’s movie. Young hero, Nikhil puts an end to this debate on twitter and declares that it is NTR who had introduced Rajamouli and Vinayak to the industry and trying the same with new directors. He is probably referring to Vakkamtham Vamsi.

Nikhil was on a chat session with fans when he bounced upon the debate on NTR and the directors. In the same chat session, when one user asked him with which actor he would do a multi-starrer, Nikhil was quick to take the name of Powerstar Pawa Kalyan. He asks for sharing atleast one frame with Powerstar. He reveals that he had been Pawan’s fan from 2 decades and reminisces Pawan’s handshake during one of his Tollywood matches and recognising him as the ‘Happy Days’ actor.