nikhil-and-ghattamaneni-karthikOnce there was a time when the ‘Happy Days’ guy was under the shadow of being a junior imitation version of Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja. Nikhil’s mannerisms, body language and speed in dialogue delivery reminded more of Ravi Teja. Gradually he was able to overcome that shadow in ‘Swamy Ra Ra’. The credit goes to his director friend Sudheer Varma.

Now with ‘Karthikeya’ Nikhil proved that he is totally himself and not an imitation star in the shadows of Mass Maharaja. His another director friend Chandu Mondeti helped him to carve a niche for himself. Infact, Nikhil gave lifts to his friends to prove themselves as film makers and they in turn helped him to be himself rather a shadow of some star hero.

Once again Nikhil is giving a lift to another new director Ghattamaneni Karthik who worked as cameraman for ‘Karthikeya’. The surname of this cinematographer turned film maker is same as superstars Krishna and Mahesh Babu. He made his entry into films as cameraman and worked for about 50 films. This new project with Nikhil happens to be his debut film. By coincidence or fate, Nikhil is giving lifts to aspiring young film makers. Sounds nice, isn’t it?