Niharika clarifies on photo with Mokshagna in CarRecently a photograph of Niharika with Mokshagna is making rounds along with the buzz that the duo are going to do a film together. Niharika clarifies that Mokshagna is her junior in college and that pic was taken when both of them are going to college along with her close friends.

On rumors that she is doing a film with Akhil, Niharika talks about her short film with Akhil. It’s because of this short film, people started to making guesses that this is a sort of preparation for the feature film in future. But, she isn’t doing any film with Akhil.

One of her friend, who is not a Telugu guy, shared an old pic in which we can see Niharika wearing a short dress. She regrets her friend sharing her pic and says that wearing short dresses is out of question. She has to be very careful because she doesn’t want to spoil her family’s name.