NGK-Telugu-Trailer,-Suriya,-Sai-Pallavi,-Rakul-PreetThe trailer of Suriya’s upcoming political drama ‘NGK, Nandha Gopala Krishna’ is all the way honest because Suriya has that screen presence which makes things look honest and believable.

Going by trailer, we can see three different characterizations of Suriya (characterizations or characters?) as Nandha, Gopala and Krishna. Sounds interesting!

One thing is clear, there is Suriya everywhere in the trailer with meager space for the two heroines namely Sai Pallavi as his wife and Rakul Preet Singh as an officer (cop?). Though we see Suriya in three different get ups, there aren’t many variations except for the little change in the attire and attitude.

Is it a transition from one character to the other or entirely three different characters? This would be the first confusion that would cross our minds when we watch the trailer.

It’s good listening to Suriya speaking Telugu again for the second time after ‘Gang’. After watching the trailer, it seems to be a bit inconsistent and that might not be the case when we get to watch the full movie on the big screen. Overall, it’s honest and regular, nothing that we hadn’t seen before.