Vijayasai Reddy - ABN RK- Radha Krishna VemuriABN Radhakrishna hogged the limelight across the Telugu States when he rightly published reports of YS Sharmila differing with his brother, AP CM YS Jagan, and floating a new party in Telangana. While no one believed RK initially, everyone had to acknowledge RK’s credibility later.

Vijayasai Reddy earlier speaking about the issue went on to say that RK dreams of several things and later, he publishes them in his Newspaper as News. In this week’s Weekend comment of RK, Radhakrishna made a veiled threat to the Rajya Sabha MP.

“As said by Vijayasai Reddy, I may have dreamt about Sharmila’s Party but my dream has come true. I had some dreams about Vijayasai Reddy’s miracles in recent times. I will very soon make them public. He better be ready to know about them,” Radhakrishna said.

If RK really brings out something really special about Vijayasai Reddy, it will add real spice to Andhra Pradesh politics.