Two Small Films Heading To Become Disasters

Next Nuvve, Angel Heading To Become DisastersEvery small film can’t deliver to become a blockbuster and every horror comedy can’t enjoy the success of ‘Anando Brahma’. Hence, proved with the latest disasters in the name of Aadi starrer ‘Next Nuvve‘ and Hebah Patel’s ‘Angel’ which came to theatres this week.

‘Next Nuvve’ has collected $15,094 from the US premieres and Friday which are sure going to leave the buyers at a hefty loss as they bought it for Rs. 50 lakhs. ‘Anando Brahma’ with its small star cast and budget had collected $416 K which is really good for the kind of investment and cast of the movie.

Hebah Patel’s ‘Angel’ had amassed $180 so far in the overseas and it’s needless to even mention that the movie won’t recover even the shipping and other costs. On the other hand PSV Garudavega expected to report good numbers from Saturday surprisngly reporting lower numbers at US box office.

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