With the grand launch of Varun Tej announced, the next generation of Mega family kids have all officially plunged into the cinemas. Their fate now rests on their choices of films and their attitudes shown as they attempt to woo the audience. We take a look at them one by one briefly.

Allu Arjun: In a way he is the senior most among this new generation even though they might all belong to the same generation. Allu Arjun is a proven star and gaining acceptance as an actor as well. He has developed a fan following of his own not just in AP but outside as well so much so that in a place like Kerala Ram Charan is seen piggybacking Allu Arjun. With good line up of films and an attitude that’s loved by all, he is sure to have a long innings ahead despite the in-family competition.

Ram Charan: With almost half a decade old career Ram Charan has seen success that none among his peers have seen in a similar time frame. But besides this staggering success he has been lagging on all other counts be it acting or a following that’s his own. Even his personal life and attitude exhibited have been under a lot of scanner with the actor being branded very aggressive. Since a lot of box office glory is interlinked with those other aspects, he has to show a change for sure. How long will it take for the change, we have to wait and see.

Allu Sirish: He has been quite a contrast to his younger brother Allu Arjun. His loud mouth nature had everyone including the Mega fans guffawing at him. Result was he had to quit the social networking sites before making debut as a hero. His return to the social networking site has been sober to say the least, compared to his earlier self. His biggest test lies ahead in Kotha Janta slated to release soon. But still he doesn’t give a vibe of a star that could carry as masala film. His best chance could be to remain an actor with offbeat films.

Sai Dharam Tej: Humility could be seen on the Rey audio launch stage but nothing beyond that could be known currently. His first film looks like sure recipe for disaster, so for a short period going forward his future does look bleak. However if successful he can be the next Allu Arjun in making for the Mega fans.

Varun Tej: Finally Varun Tej has it all physically that could make him a big star and nothing beyond that is known as of now. Can he be the next generation follow up to Pawan Kalyan, like Ram Charan has been to Megastar? Big task for sure and all we can do currently is just wait.

With five actors vying for the attention of the same audience, which among these do you think will be able to win the mandate commercially and personally, in the long run, leaving out the already established ones? Share us your thoughts below.