New York Times Critic's Review Of AkhandaBalakrishna‘s Akhanda is setting the box office on fire despite the mixed reviews. Now, the film has received high praise from a film critic named Simon Abrams, who works with renowned international media publication New York Times.

“I enjoyed the first half of the Telugu language Indian action epic AKHANDA, about an area man who picks a fight with a corrupt mine owner. But the second half brings in the title character, the twin brother of the first half’s lead. Then it becomes something special. so loud that my ears popped.”

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“The third eye has opened. You are done for.” Abrams tweeted as he seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed watching the film. “Akhanda is righteous,” he adds.

Boyapati Sreenu and Balakrishna explored Hindu-centric spiritual angle with Akhanda. The entirety of the second half of the film is loaded with scenes and dialogues that highlight the Hindu sacraments. The same is implied by Simon Abrams, who is associated with New York Times.

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