New-Twist-in-Uday-Kiran's-cLooks like Controversies are not evading Uday Kiran’s case. It is known that Post Mortem was performed to the dead body yesterday in Osmania Hospital, Hyderabad. The Post Mortem and Forensic Lab Report reached the Police today. Here are some of the findings:

1. The suicide happened between 10PM and 11.30PM on Sunday.
2. Uday Kiran made 4 calls before that. Two calls to his close friend Sharath and other two to his wife, Vishita. However, the report say he did not send any message to Vishita as claimed in the press.
3. Uday Kiran earlier attempted to suicide twice. There are scars left by blade cuts on his hands.
4. Vishita sent a message to Uday Kiran that her phone is not working around 10PM. However he did not respond to the message.
5. The call data of both Uday Kiran and Vishita is being examined by the Police.

Police are now investigating in the angle if any differences within the family compelled Uday Kiran to commit suicide. On the other side, Uday Kiran’s wife Vishita is along with Uday Kiran’s body at Film Chamber. There is a tattoo on her had which read ‘Uday’.

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