New Rocket League Season is Now AvailableAnother new season of Rocket League is here with more car ball action to excite us all. The game was initially released in July 2015 and has been famous since then across all platforms for its vehicular soccer gameplay developed by Psyonix.

The reason this game has been so famous is because of the exciting and different sport of car ball, and it can be played by gamers of all ages and is also considered a great game for relaxing and just chilling on Discord with friends.

Another new season is here, which is available since August 11, and it will be season 4 since Rocket league reset the count of the seasons after the game was free to play last year. This season brings some new cool cowboy stuff into the mix for players to look different in the game with more energy to score some fiery shots towards goal.

The new season also adds the 2v2 and some other extra tournament modes in the game as well. As the new season starts its time to accept that many players are not going to earn those champ or grand champ rewards for the current season because of being stuck on the top of Diamond where you’re always stuck, but when the new season starts, there is hope that there will be more improvement in most player’s games and they try to earn better ranks.

The new season brings a more than a competitive rank set with new cosmetics that can be obtained with the free and premium rocket pass tracks, and as usual, the premium track includes a new car body which is called outlaw in this one and along with it comes some western-themed cosmetics like the cowboy hat.

The developers usually post a breakdown of the new Rocket pass and all the stuff that it brings separately when the season is announced so that we can expect that soon from Psyonix.

The new season also adds a new standard arena which is called the Deadeye Canyon, keeping in along the lines of the western theme; also, there is a setting for streamers that turns off the copyrighted music; they are calling it the “Streamer safe” music feature.

Along with the new tournament mode, there is a 2v2 mode and a snowy day tournament mode that seems to be exciting, and as the season progresses, there will be more limited-time modes appearing throughout the season.

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