New Remake Trend On OTTOf late, theatrical remakes have been facing utterly disappointing results at the box office. With the originals readily streaming on OTT, the theatrical audiences are no longer looking at remakes.

But strangely enough, the remakes or more popular now as “adaptions” have now made their way onto OTT.

For example, there’s The Night Manager(Hindi) featuring Arjun Kapoor, Anil Kapoor and others. This a remake of English series with the same title. It is billed to be a mere replica of the original.

Then in Telugu, there’s Rana Naidu featuring Venkatesh and Rana which is coming up on Netflix on 10 March. This is an adaption of Ray Donovan.

New reports are suggesting that British gamer comedy series Dead Pixels is now being remade in Telugu with Niharika Konidela and Harsha Chemudu.

Lastly, there’s Samantha’s Citadel Indian adaption which is also under production.

While the theatrical audience have firmly rejected remakes, this trend has caught up on OTT. The strange thing is that the OTT giants that are streaming the original are now commissioning the Indian adaptions of the same content with native cast.

The one advantage here is that the audience mightn’t be as interested in watching the originals of series’, as it is time consuming. This might partly help the adaptions.

One of the primary reasons audience pay bucks to OTT giants is to watch fresh content. In that case, is it right for these OTTs to come with Indian adaptions of their own English series’ again?