New-Movie-&-New-Home-for-Boyapati-SrinuFor regular audiences, Boyapati churns out mass entertainers with regular formula without experimenting much. However, big stars like Allu Arjun could appeal to mass audiences because of the star director. Now, Boyapati started shooting for his next with Ram Charan.

Though Boyapati is known to belong to the Nandamuri camp, his mass appealing narration made Ram Charan choose a quickie with Boyapati before he begins his next with Rajamouli. While this is the scenario with regard to Boyapati’s career, something interesting is happening in his life, even.

He moved into a new swanky house worth Rs. 7 crores he has got constructed in Kondapur area of Hyderabad. Many biggies like Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna among others graced the housewarming event. Boyapati just started his next big movie and now he has moved into a brand new house.