Mahesh BabuSuperstar Mahesh Babu had a mentally draining 202 as he lost his brother Ramesh, mother Indira Devi, and father Krishna in a span of 12 months. Getting over these huge losses is no easy task.

Mahesh’s fans are also pained by the personal developments in Mahesh’s life in 2022. And they’re now hoping that a new and hardened Mahesh will embark on a journey.

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Likewise, Mahesh returned to action today after a lengthy break. He resume shooting for SSMB28, a Trivikram directorial today. This is the first schedule after Mahesh reportedly called for script changes.

Fans are hoping that Mahesh would’ve found some peace after taking a rather lengthy layoff and spending time with his family. They’re expecting him to come out all guns firing henceforth and SSMB28 will mark the commencement of the journey of new and hardened Mahesh Babu.

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There’s more to come for Mahehs as he is set to collaborate with India’s biggest director Rajamouli for his next project.